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?????? 365bet体育在线注册_365bet比分直播001_365bet可信吗是经国家司法行政主管部门批准设立的合伙制律师事务所。根据《中华人民共和国律师法》有关规定,本所合伙人对本所的行为、债务承担无限责任和连带责任。合伙人会议为本所最高权力机构,决定本所所有重大事项。事务所设主任一人,副主任若干,负责全所日常行政、财务和业务管理。

?????? 本所从事法律不禁止的各类律师业务,重点领域是民商类法律事务,其中尤为擅长银行、证券、投资、重组并购、房地产、反倾销、招投标、知识产权、医疗事故纠纷、国际商事海事仲裁、诉讼代理等。此外,本所对企业在商务调查、交易安全、债务追索等方面的需求,能够提供一系列强有力的对策和服务。本所与国内十多个大、中城市及国外的若干律师事务所建立了密切的业务协作关系,可以十分便捷地为客户在国内外提供高效的法律服务。

365bet比分直播001365bet体育在线注册?????? 本所执业律师大部分毕业于国内外着名学府法学专业,多数律师拥有硕士以上学位,并曾在国家立法机关、行政机关、司法机关、各类企业供职多年,具有较高的政策法律水平、丰富的司法实践经验和企业管理运作经验。部分律师有国外的留学或工作经历,擅长办理涉外法律事务,可以在工作中使用英语。所有执业律师均有良好的从业经历,办理过诸多诉讼和非诉讼法律事务。为确保服务质量,本所实行严格的专业化分工,每名律师均有其擅长的业务领域,所有委托事项均由事务所酌情指定专业律师办理,以保证每宗个案处理完善,效率卓然。


Haituo Law Firm?is a partnership law firm approved by and registered?in?Beijing Municipal Department of Justice. We aim to provide quality and?efficient legal services to our clients at home and abroad. .

Most of our lawyers?graduated?from renowned?universities?in China. Near half of?our lawyers?have obtained LL.M. or Ph. D degrees and some of them have received systematic legal training in the law?schools or legal institutions in the United States, United Kingdom or other?countries. Most of them have worked for?central?government offices, judicial institutions or large scale state-owned enterprises before they?practiced?law, and therefore,?are successful in their fields with extensive practice experience and in-depth knowledge of the clients’ business. We?have established good cooperations?with law firms in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany,?Australia, Singapore as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In order to ensure the quality of our services, we have also invited specialists or scholars in the fields of finance, construction, real estate, international trade and intellectual property to work as advisors.

Haituo Law Firm provides a full array of legal services to our clients in a variety of specialist fields, including investment, finance, company affairs, listing of companies, real estate, corporate M&A,?anti-dumping & anti-subsidy,?international commercial and maritime arbitration as well as litigation. We also provide efficient and strategic services in business investigation, safe transaction strategies and dunning for debts.

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